Our technology driven, in-house processes and efficient quality control systems have made Lalan the preferred contract manufacturing partner for some of the world’s most renowned FMCG brands. Our strength lies in our comprehensive product offering, which provides our partners with high quality manufacturing capabilities, warehousing and logistic solutions for efficient and cost effective manufacturing solutions.

With an employee strength of over 300, ultra-modern ISO 9001:2015 certified
production areas of over 175,000 sqft; with production capacity of over 2 million units per month and production capacity storage of 70,000 liters at any given time, 100,000 sqft of warehousing space and seamless packaging and delivery capabilities of over 50,000 cases each month, Lalan manufactures a range of FMCG products such as liquid detergents, antibacterial products, home cleaning products, shoe and floor polishes and mosquito repellents under the biggest global brand names.

Lalan is also commencing processes to provide contract manufacturing and packaging services for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Logistic Solutions

With over 70 years as a market leader in manufacturing and export, Lalan brings its extensive experience to the fore to provide cutting edge logistics solutions to complement contract manufacturing operations and for industrial and commercial requirements.

We offer reliable and economical logistics solutions to manage business operations efficiently. Our extensive warehousing facilities of over 100,000 sqft are situated in strategic locations with accessibility for heavy vehicle movements essential for operational activities.

Our comprehensive logistics solutions are designed to cater to the specific requirements of our clients with a range of services that seamlessly integrate manufacturing, warehousing and packaging solutions. From sourcing raw materials to warehousing and distribution, our complete services portfolio make us the most competitive and effective 3PL partner, making Lalan’s logistics arm an invaluable support services provider to some of the largest manufacturers and exporters in the world.

Homecare Products

Lalan utilizes its ultra-modern factory complex located in Nittambuwa, Sri Lanka for the manufacture of high quality FMCG products that include a wide range of home cleaning products, disinfectants and anti-bacterial liquids, air fresheners and homecare products for the local market.

With a fully equipped factory and a dedicated employee force of experienced professionals in the manufacture of FMCG product lines, Lalan manufactures these globally renowned fast moving consumer products on just in time basis for marketing and distribution by Reckitt Benckiser Lanka (RBL), which produces some of Sri Lanka’s most trusted consumer products and brands.

Lalan also manufactures high quality cleaning products and homecare products for the global consumer goods giant SC Johnson Company for distribution in Sri Lanka.

Mosquito Repellents

Lalan’s extensive factory complex located in Warana, Sri Lanka manufactures mosquito coils and repellants for the Sri Lankan market. In Sri Lanka’s tropical environs, the demand for mosquito repelling products continues to grow and Lalan’s factory complex manufactures over 8,000 cartons of mosquito coils for Reckitt Benckiser Lanka (RBL) in order to fulfill over 60% of the local market demand for these products.

These products are manufactured under stringent quality control processes and are ISO certified.

Liquid Detergents

Lalan manufactures a globally renowned range of liquid detergents and antibacterial consumer products for marketing and distribution by Reckitt Benckiser Lanka (RBL).

The manufacture of these liquid detergents and antibacterial consumer products are conducted in our factory complex under surgically sterile conditions and technologically advanced complex systems and processes are used to ensure that these products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality

Shoe, Floor Polish

Lalan’s manufacturing processes utilize modern technology and methodology and are conducted in conformity with stringent quality assurance systems. This commitment to producing high quality products with efficiency and efficacy resulted in Lalan being appointed as the contract manufacturing partner for SC Johnson Company in Sri Lanka.

Under this banner, Lalan manufactures a range of globally renowned shoe polishes for island wide distribution in Sri Lanka by SC Johnson Company’s local distributorship.

Lalan also manufactures some of the most popular brands of floor polish for Reckitt Benckiser Lanka (RBL) which is one of the largest distributors of FMCG products in Sri Lanka.