As one of Sri Lanka’s highest yielding rubber plantation companies and a pioneer in rubber manufacturing in South Asia, our commitment to the highest standards of quality, forms the backbone of our operations.

The extensive Lalan rubber estates which spread over 17,000 acres are among some of the best maintained plantations in the region.

This stringent adherence to international ecological & social standards is why Lalan was awarded the well managed forestry certification from the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) for our rubber wood, latex and coconut plantations. The FSC™ , highest global certification standard recognises the sustainable management of the Rubber plantations.

Our organic rubber estates yield premium organic latex for use in the finest high end rubber products.

We are especially proud of our very own Central Rubber Nursery (CRN)

certified by the Rubber Development Department of Sri Lanka, which supports hundreds of rubber smallholders by providing them with plants for their planting programmes and reinforcing these programmes with buy-back guarantees.