As one of Sri Lanka’s largest diversified conglomerates, Lalan commenced its printing and packaging operations over two decades ago to complement its extensive manufacturing operations and to fill a void in the market for high quality packaging and printing material.

We offer a comprehensive range of printing and packaging solutions. Our printing solutions range includes self-adhesive BOPP tape, PP strapping bands, computer forms, as well as high quality cost efficient packaging solutions ranging from polythene products, polypropylene polysacks, corrugated cartons and boards to high quality plastic packaging products.

Our modern facilities are fully equipped to cater to the diverse needs of our clients by customising our products according to client specifications. Our processes conform to stringent quality standards to ensure that our clients get the cost effective and high quality solutions for printing and packaging their valuable products.


Lalan’s printing and packaging arm was established in 1995 to fill a lacuna in high quality products in the global market. This venture, which began as a manufacturer of self-adhesive BOPP tape, is now one of the largest fully fledged production facilities for printing and packaging solutions in Sri Lanka and a member of the Institute of Packaging in Sri Lanka.

With a cluster of ultramodern factories, each conforming to high standards of quality, Lalan produces a variety of products for a multitude of industrial and commercial requirements. Our product range includes BOPP self-adhesive tape, flexible and durable polythene products, PP strapping bands and computer forms and, our offset printing facilities enable us to fulfil the diverse and exacting needs of our clients.

The convergence of Lalan’s standards of quality with its flexibility to meet varying consumer needs, means that we are fully equipped to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions that bear our unique trademark of quality.


Lalan’s modern facility, located at Athurugiriya, in Sri Lanka, is a state-of the-art facility producing high quality polypropylene polysacks for a wide range of commercial and industrial purposes. This facility, which is equipped with Starlinger extrusion and weaving machinery, is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Our wide range of sturdy, durable and high quality PP polysacks and packaging are produced in a variety of sizes and dimensions and cater to diverse industrial needs from packaging rice, pulses, grains and other food products to storing and packaging chemicals, fertilizer and construction material.

Our factories produce woven PP polysack bags, sheets, decorative mats and rolls customized to fulfil the needs of our clients and these products are labelled and printed, in multiple colours to suit each requirement, using fully automated printing processes.


Lalan’s venture into manufacturing corrugated cartons and boards for packaging was a strategic effort to fill a gap for the supply of high quality corrugated boards and cartons used for packaging.

With one of the most technologically advanced production facilities in Sri Lanka, it is our aim to cater to the diverse, industrial and commercial, packaging needs of the global marketplace by producing high quality, affordable packaging solutions. Our corrugated packaging solutions can be customized for each requirement and cater to specific product packaging requirements such as regular shipping, heavy duty export packaging, specialty packaging for pharmaceutical and fragile products as well as packaging for perishable products.

Due to our tech-driven production processes, we are able to provide our clients with the right packaging for their needs with efficiency and affordability and we are proud to provide packaging for some of the largest exporters and FMCG manufacturers in the world.


Lalan’s thread manufacturing processes were established to enter into the garment accessories market and compliment the operations of Lalan Fabrics which represents some of the largest fabric manufacturers in India to source and supply high quality fabric to the Sri Lankan apparel industry.

As the largest export industry in Sri Lanka, the garment and apparel industry is constantly evolving to accommodate shifting market trends, Lalan’s thread manufacturing arm aims to cater to the growing needs of the Sri Lankan apparel industry by producing high quality accessories and materials.

Our thread manufacturing facility produces specialized threads for the garment sector. Premium quality raw sewing yarn is imported to the Lalan factories and high quality dyes are added to provide a wide range of colours, which are then wound to specified lengths, in keeping with market demands, and packaged using Lalan’s in-house packaging facilities, to provide cost effective solutions for the apparel sector.


Lalan’s comprehensive packaging product offering includes high quality plastic and polythene packaging products catering to industrial and commercial packaging requirements.

Our modern manufacturing facility at Pethiyagoda, Sri Lanka manufactures a range of flexible and versatile customisable polythene rolls, sheets and bags which are printed according to the requirements of our clients. Our high quality polythene products are sturdy, durable and flexible and we are a leading supplier of polythene carrier bags for many global department stores and supermarket chains.

Our range of plastic packaging accessories are supplied to leading multinational brands across the world. Our product range which include plastic containers, inserts, lids and polysacks cater to various industrial, consumer and retail applications. With a fully equipped production facility, which engages in both injection and blow moulding of heated plastic, Lalan’s manufacturing facilities adhere to strict quality standards to produce plastic packaging containers in various sizes, capacity and dimensions for all customer requirements.