Since 1987, Lalan has set the standard for rubber glove manufacture in Sri Lanka.

At each manufacturing stage, independent in-house quality assurance teams conduct stringent testing to ensure consistent excellence in quality. This unstinting commitment to quality is why Lalan is the preferred partner for the world’s largest industrial and retail brands in over 30 countries.


over 1.2 billion gloves each year, Lalan is one of the few companies in the world that provide an end to end solution, from the collection of rubber to the finished product, through ‘tree to hand’ vertical integration. This gives Lalan the unique advantage of maintaining quality, consistency and interrupted supply throughout our value streams.


a comprehensive range of gloves, from disposable, household, electrical and industrial gloves to unique seamless dipped rubber gloves, our 8 state-of-the-art latex glove factories are ISO, FSC and SEDEX certified and all chemicals used in our processes adhere to REACH standards.