Renewable Energy

Lalan is proud to be the only corporation in Sri Lanka to achieve 100% substitution of fossil fuel with biomass energy. Our widespread sustainable energy initiatives are aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy for industrial purposes and we collaborate with the Government of Sri Lanka and international organizations to establish initiatives that promote community participation in sustainability initiatives. We firmly believe that the best way to do this, is to lead by example and since 2006, the Group has earned over 70,000 tons of carbon credits and continues to earn 10,000 tons worth of carbon credits every year by using Biomass to offset emissions.

Under Lalan’s sustainable energy policy, we actively engage in wood planting for firewood and harvesting wood from our rubber plantations, during replanting processes, for use in producing biomass energy. We also engage in producing wood chips and wood pellets from sawdust for use in the renewable energy sector.

Bio Mass

Lalan’s is an industry leader in biomass conversion and processing. Our biomass wood planting programme is carried out in collaboration with the Government of Sri Lanka with the aim of empowering the community and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

Through its emission reduction activities, mainly substituting traditional furnace oil-based boiler systems with sustainably harvested biomass, Lalan actively engages in Carbon Trading and accumulates Carbon Credits under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Under the VCS Standard, Lalan has accumulated approximately 25,000 tonnes per annum since March 2006 and is currently in the process of verifying 77,315 tonnes of VCS accumulated from March 2006 to May 2010. This project is already registered in the MARKIT register and is available for trade.

Under this CDM mechanism, Lalan is in the process of validating two projects which would generate approximately 6,680 tonnes per annum and 13,293 tonnes per annum.

Wood Pellets

Under Lalan’s sustainability initiatives, woodchips are produced, from replanting processes in our own rubber plantations and permitted firewood, for industrial boilers and heaters.

Our factories at Nittambuwa and Amithirigala in Sri Lanka have a production capacity of 200 metric tons per day and under an agreement with the UNDP renewable energy programme, Lalan will establish 3 wood chipping terminals with a daily production capacity of 100 metric tons in the Kurunegala, Galle and Ratnapura regions of Sri Lanka. This initiative is aimed at encouraging planting of trees for firewood on a commercial scale to boost the utilization of biomass energy for industrial purposes and promote environmentally sustainable energy production.

In furtherance of Lalan’s commitment to green energy alternatives, an expansive factory in the Ulapone Industrial Zone has been established with modern technology to produce over 100 metric tons of wood pellets from saw dust for the renewable energy sector.