At Lalan, we believe in sustainable initiatives that enrich our communities. Lalan’s extensive CSR projects are aimed at community development, health and spiritual development and education.

At our plantations:

All employees are provided with housing, water supply, sanitation and Child Development Centres, manned by well-trained CDC officers, provide childcare facilities and programs that include child development, preschool education, ante-natal and post-natal care, immunization and occupational health safety. Recreation and sports also play an important role and the Lalan Premier Cricket League annual inter-factory tournament is one of many recreational activities for our employees.

Education plays a pivotal role in the Lalan CSR agenda:

The ‘Lalan Sisu Diriya’ project provides financial assistance for students performing well at the Ordinary Level examinations at several schools in the district. Career development seminars are conducted for students who do not gain entry into universities and grade 5 students who are successful at the National Scholarship examinations and children of several selected schools in the district are provided with books, stationary and essentials.

Positively Impacting the
Communities we Operate in.

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent CSR projects below: